Program one of our ready-made robots from the comfort of your home!

We’ve set up several Hummingbird Kit robots that anyone, anywhere can program in real time! To program a robot just click on the program button under the videos. Please use a Chrome or Firefox browser when programming the robot.


  • You can follow our tutorials on single-color LEDs, tri-color LEDs, and servos to learn how to program those parts of the robots.
  • The video has a 10-15 second lag – so when you click a block or run a program, it will take a moment to see on the screen. Each sample project has a small program pre-built for you, that starts when you hit the green flag.
  • You have 20 minutes with any one robot before the robot will disconnect. You can reconnect immediately after the timeout.
  • If one of the cameras seems to be missing, try refreshing the page.
  • Sometimes the project code fails to load in the Chrome browser and the page turns white, black, or dark gray. If this happens, try refreshing or opening the link in Firefox.

Inspirations & Thanks

Remote Robots was inspired by the Telepresence Robot Kit (TeRK), a project at CMU’s CREATE Lab in 2006-2008. There isn’t much about it on the internet, but here’s a press release and a 2007 paper.

It would not be possible to run these robots without NetsBlox, a project at Vanderbilt university’s school of engineering. We’d like to thank Akos Ledeczi, the principal developer of NetsBlox, for explaining the system and sharing examples.

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