Snap! is a drag and drop programming environment developed by Jens Mönig and Brian Harvey. Snap! is a descendant of Scratch and adds a number of key features like creating custom blocks, recursion, and running in a browser. This page will describe how to connect to your Hummingbird Duo and start programming in Snap!

As of May 2021, we have updated the software for Duo with Snap! so that it runs directly in the browser. You no longer need to download and install a separate program.

Using Snap!

You will be programming your Hummingbird Duo in a browser-based web application. Snap! for Hummingbird Duo requires the Chrome browser. You can install that here.

To use the BirdBrain Snap! web app, you must make sure the Chrome settings allow third-party cookies.

Use the USB cord to connect the Hummingbird to your computer, and connect the AC power adapter. Then go to

Click Find Robots. Your Hummingbird robot will appear. Click on the name of the robot and then click Connect

Now you are ready to begin programming the Hummingbird in Snap! You can access lessons here.


If you become disconnected while programming your Hummingbird, close the Connection Failure pop-up and then click the Find Robots button and reconnect.

Running Offline

You can use Snap! online or offline. To use Snap! offline with the Hummingbird, install it on your computer using the orange install button.

Updating Old Code

If you have programs that were written in Snap! using the BirdBrain Robot Server or the Hummingbird Connection App, you can load these programs in the new web app, but they won’t run. However, you can easily update your code!

Download this file that contains the new blocks. Load your old program in the web app, and then go to File/Import. Select the file you downloaded (HummingbirdBlocksWebApp.xml). This will overwrite the old versions of the blocks with the new versions. Now your program should run! Make sure to save the new version of your program.

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