Java is one of the most-used programming languages in industry today, and is also the language of AP Computer Science and many college introductory courses. Our Java API allows students to use Java to directly read sensors and set motors and LEDs on the Hummingbird.

Download & Install

We provide the Hummingbird Java package in three formats:  a portable Netbeans project, a portable Eclipse project, and a version that can be used if you prefer compiling from the command line or wish to use a different IDE. All packages are cross-platform:

Download Hummingbird Netbeans Package

Download Hummingbird Eclipse Package

Download Hummingbird Command Line Package


Javadocs are available online and are also included with the package downloads. Check out the Netbeans, Eclipse, and Command Line tutorials for compiling and running example programs.

Example Files

The software packages include three simple example files:

  • – example file that turns the four LEDs attached to Hummingbird into a 16-position binary counter.
  • – example file that changes the color of a tri-color LED on port 1 and the position of a servo on port 1 by reading data from a knob attached to sensor port 1
  • – slowly color cycles the tri-color LEDs

Structure of the Command Line Software Package

The software package folder has three top-level folders:

  • libs – Location of the hummingbird and third party libraries
  • javadocs – Location of the API documentation
  • licenses – Licensing information for the download and for third-party libraries

The example files and several OS specific files are at the top level of the package.

OS Support

The Hummingbird Java library works with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Mac OS 10.6.8+, and Ubuntu Linux. You must have a Java JDK version 8 or greater installed to compile files. The library may also work with other versions of Linux, but we are only able to provide technical support for Ubuntu.

Known Issues and Troubleshooting

Currently, debug and error messages print to console, so running a program results in a large amount of text printed as Hummingbird connects and again when a call to disconnect is sent.

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