Illustration of Fraction Equivalence

Use the Hummingbird to practice fraction equivalence.

Illustration of Fraction Equivalence

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This project aligns with Common Core math standards 4.NF.A and 4.NF.B. A similar approach could be used to address 5.NF.A and 5.NF.B. In addition, this project would meet the Next Generation Science Standards for engineering in grades 3-5 (3-5-ETS1-1, 3-5-ETS1-2, and 3-5-ETS1-3).

This project was designed to investigate how the Hummingbird can be used by upper elementary students to increase and demonstrate their understanding of mathematical concepts. Fractions are an important math concept covered in grades 4 and 5, and an understanding of fraction equivalence is necessary to add and subtract fractions. With the Hummingbird, students can be challenged to create a dynamic physical model that explains fraction equivalence. The model shown below is just one example; students might come up with something totally different!

In this project, the servo motor is mounted behind a semicircle that has a variety of fractions labelled on it. The program moves the servo motor to point at different fractions while speak blocks are used to explain how different unit fractions add up to a fraction that is equivalent to one half. For example, the program states that 3/6 is the same as 1/2. Then it points to 1/6, then 2/6, then 3/6.