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Use the Hummingbird kit and recycled materials to create an artistic robot!

Art Bots

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Objective & Learning Goals

Students completing this course should be able to demonstrate their ability to:

  • Collaborate with peers
  • Correctly identify and use various robotic components
    • Servos
    • Motors
    • LEDs
    • Light Sensors
    • Sound Sensors
    • Rotary Sensors
    • Distance Sensors
  • Think critically
  • Design and build a functioning robot using recycled materials
  • Program a robot using the Hummingbird robotics kit and Visual Programmer
  • Give and receive feedback
  • Troubleshoot and revise their creations with out the assistance of an adult
  • Correctly identify positive and negative wires and LED leads
  • Correctly complete a circuit
  • Keep work organised using clear labelling and version control


This project is aligned with Common Core ELA anchor standards in speaking and listening (CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.CCRA.SL.4-6), as well as Next Generation Science Standards concerning energy transfer (4-PS3-2 and 4-PS3-4).

This resource pack uses the Hummingbird robotics kit, recycled materials, and craft materials to introduce students ages 8-10 to basic robotics and programming. Art, engineering, and electricity concepts are also explored. Students will learn how to creatively use servos, sensors, and LEDs along with programming basics as they make their robot creations come to life.

Simple drawing bots and circuit blocks may be used to further enhance the lesson.

For students with little to no prior programming skills

Though presented here as 1.5 hour sessions these lessons can be used in a wide variety of formats. This course was originally developed to fill three 6 hour long sessions, but it has also been taught as a 2 hour course over five sessions and a 1.5 hour course over seven sessions. It is infinitely adaptable to the needs of your classroom.