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Build a winch mechanism with the Hummingbird Robotics Kit! A winch can make a wonderful hauling or lifting device. It can also scroll like a slot machine.

Popular uses of the winch mechanism include winding string and blinking eyes. What will you create?

Build Time: 30-60 min (depending on skill level and design choice)

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Hummingbird Robotics Kit Hardware*

  • Hummingbird Controller (Bit Controller pictured. The Duo controller will also work)
  • Battery Pack or AC Plug
  • Position Servo (Your servo may look different)
  • Servo Horns (Pictured: X Servo Horn. You may use any that are included in your kit for this robot.) 

*All of these parts are included in any Hummingbird Robotics Kit

Suggested Craft Supplies

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Using a marker, trace the circular base of the cardboard tube onto the scrap piece of cardboard.

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Cut out the circle using the scissors. Be sure to cut outside the line to ensure that your circle is slightly larger than the base of your cardboard tube.

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Hot glue the cardboard circle to the base of the cardboard tube.

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Glue the servo horn onto the cardboard circle. Try not to get hot glue into the center hole of the servo horn.

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Interlock the tabs on one side of the box.

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Choose where you want your winch to be mounted by placing the servo in the desired location on the box. Trace around the base of the servo. Use the blade to cut out a rectangular hole for the servo. Be sure to cut inside the line. This will ensure that the servo has a nice, snug fit.

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Starting inside the box, push the base of the servo through the hole until it is secured. If the hole was cut too large, a dab of hot glue may help to keep the servo in place.

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Push the servo horn onto the servo shaft.

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