Change the appearance of your Finch as the temperature changes!

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Intermediate II

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This activity was created by Tom Simpson at Heathwood Hall Episcopal School.

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4-5, 6-8, 9-12

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This activity is aligned with Common Core math standards that deal with inequalities (4.NBT.A, 5.NBT.A, 6.EE.B, and 7.EE.B).

This robot changes its appearance as the temperature changes:

  1. At room temperature, the beak is green and doesn’t blink.
  2. If the temperature drops, its beak turns blue and blinks slowly. The robot also makes a low beeping sound.
  3. If the temperature rises, its beak turns red and blinks quickly. The robot also makes a high beeping sound.

First, find out the current room temperature. Next, you just need to tell the Finch what to do for 3 possible situations: near room temperature, a degree below room temperature, and a degree above room temperature. Like most programs that use sensors, this program should contain a forever loop so that the robot can continually monitor the value of the temperature sensor. Inside this loop, set the robot’s beak to green (the default value).

Next, you will need to include a block that decides if the temperature is less than 2-3 degrees below room temperature. What should happen then? You also need a block that decides if the temperature is more than 2-3 degrees above room temperature. What should happen then?

Note: You can test your program with a bottle of ice and a small portable heater (or your hand).