Use the Finch to play tag!

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This activity was created by the students and faculty at Mount Hebron Middle School.

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Snap! Jr., Snap!


K-3, 4-5, 6-8, 9-12

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You are going work as a team to build a robot controller. That means you are going to use keys on the keyboard to control the basic robot actions. This is different from creating an autonomous robot that can act intelligently. After you write your program, you will use the Finch to play tag!

First, you need to program your Finch. Be sure to take turns so that everyone on your team gets a chance to program! To play tag, your robot must be able to do the following:

  1. Move forward when the up arrow is pressed.
  2. Move backward when the down arrow is pressed.
  3. Turn left when the left arrow is pressed.
  4. Turn right when the right arrow is pressed.
  5. Have a red beak when it is “it.” (Pick a key to press when your Finch is “it.”)
  6. Have a green beak when not “it.”
  7. Make a four-toned noise when it tags another Finch. (Pick a key to press when this occurs.)

When you have scripts for these actions, you are ready to play tag. Find at least one other team and have fun. Let others join as they finish. When you play tag, your team should take turns controlling the Finch through the keyboard, holding the USB tether out of the way, and acting as a referee.

Make sure to save your work!

Extension: Take this further by playing Finch soccer! You will need to add scripts to “dribble” and “shoot” a wiffle ball. You may also want to use cardboard and tape to add an attachment to help your Finch control the ball.