Simon Says I

Use the Finch to play Simon Says!

Lesson Level

Intermediate II

Created By

This activity was created by Tom Simpson at Heathwood Hall Episcopal School.

Programming Language



4-5, 6-8, 9-12

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Write a program that asks the player to orient the Finch a certain way. For example, the program might say, “Simon says: point beak up.” After giving a command, the Finch should wait until the player makes the right move. To reward success, the Finch should blink its beak for 3 secs and speak the phrase “good job.” Then the Finch should give another command.  Your game should cover all six possible orientations (you can skip “In Between”).

You may find it helpful to use the wait until block (Control menu). This block pauses a program until the Boolean block inside it is true.



Hint: In Scratch, remember that there are underscores between the words in the names of the different orientations (Beak_Up, Beak_Down, etc.). In Snap!, you must have a space between the words but no underscore.

Extension: What if the robot gives a command without saying, “Simon says”? In that case, the player shouldn’t make the movement. Can you catch them if they make the movement anyway?