Finch Traffic Light

Use the Finch as a traffic light!

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This activity was submitted by Nora Blasko of Great Mills High School.

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4-5, 6-8, 9-12

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It’s late at night and the corner traffic signal has broken down. 
You can earn big money hiring your robot out for the evening if the Finch can demonstrate the ability to follow the correct pattern for the corner traffic light.

The corner traffic light is green for 4 seconds, then yellow for half of a second, and then red for 2 seconds. When the light turns red, have the Finch say “STOP!” 
Repeat the sequence at least three times.

Hint: For Finch lights, red + green = yellow light.

Extension: Create a new sequence of green, yellow, and red lights for your Finch. Then get together with another group to play a game of “Red Light, Green Light.”