Finch Time Machine

Recreate historical events with the Finch

Finch Time Machine

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Tiffany Matheny, Alma Middle School, Arkansas

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This activity is aligned with Common Core ELA anchor standards CCRA.L.1and CCRA.L.2 (proper conventions when writing), CCRA.R.2 (summarize key points within a text), CCRA.W.3 (sequence of events), and CCRA.W.5 (revision). 

How can you use the Finch to demonstrate what you know about history? You can use the Finch to represent a historical character or to reenact a historic battle, meeting, or other event.

  1. First, outline the information that you want to present with the Finch. What are the important details?
  2. Next, write a script to describe what the Finch will do and say.  What props will you need? Do you need to create a backdrop or a costume for the Finch?
  3. Program the Finch to act out your script. You can make the Finch move from place to place, change color, dance, sing, and speak. You may need to revise both your program and your script!
  4. Present your project to your classmates or record a video to share it with others!