Finch Dance Party

Make your Finch dance!

Finch Dance Party

Lesson Level


Created By

Tom Simpson at Heathwood Hall Episcopal School

Programming Language

Snap! Jr., Snap!


Art & Music


4-5, 6-8, 9-12

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This project is a chance for you to exercise your creativity! First, choose a piece of music that is at least 20 seconds long (you can use part of a longer piece). Then, use your imagination as you make your Finch dance to the music! Use short moves and turns that match the rhythm of the music. Change the beak color on beat as well. You can even use the Finch’s buzzer to add to your musical selection!

Extension: Use other items from the Sound menu to enhance your project. You can even write your own song for the Finch dance party!

Extension: Work in a group to make multiple Finch robots dance together to the music of your choice.

For a fantastic example of this activity check out the work of Terri Gaussoin’s 4th and 5th grade students at the Janet Kahn School of Integrated Arts (formerly Eubank Academy of Fine Arts) in Albuquerque, NM. They combined the music and history of jazz with coding using the Finches. Working in collaboration with high school mentors from the Digital Arts & Technology Academy (DATA) and their math & science teacher Aaron Jawson, the culminating project of this exciting endeavor was a music video combining Duke Ellington’s “It Don’t Mean A Thing” and the Finch robots.