Telling Time

Use the Finch as the hands of the clock to practice telling time!

Create a paper clock, with numbers labeled, and use your Finch as the hour or minute hand to practice telling time. Thanks to Becky Strand from Cambridge-Isanti Schools for this fabulous activity idea!

BEGINNER: Level 1 or Level 2

Program the Finch to turn to a point on the clock that answers a question or challenge (e.g. “Show me what the hour hand would look like at 3:30”). The Finch should turn counterclockwise, just like hands move on a clock! Use lights to signify when the Finch is in the correct position.


Use the Level 3 Control Menu to make your Finch behave even more like a clock by moving like the minute or second hand, or playing a sound when the Finch reaches a certain time.


  • Paper and markers to draw clock