Reaction Time

Reaction Time

Measure your reaction time with the Finch!

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ADVANCED: Going Further

Required lessons: Randomness, Variables, Lists, Timers

In this activity, you are going to use the Finch to measure a person’s visual reaction time, the time it takes them to respond to seeing something change.

To measure the reaction time, you need to change the color of the Finch’s beak or tail, and then measure how long it takes the user to move the Finch. 

  • At the beginning of the program, ask the user to place the Finch in a level position and wait until he/she has done so. 
  • The Finch should wait for a random number of seconds from 2-5 and then change color. 
  • As soon as the Finch changes color, measure how long it takes for the user to move the Finch out of the level position.

Extension: Measure the user’s reaction time 10 times, and then calculate the mean reaction time. How can you measure the user’s auditory reaction time instead?