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Drive to your friend and deliver a message!

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BEGINNER: Outputs Only

Required Lessons: Moving & Turning, LED Screen

Use move and turn blocks to program the Finch to drive to your friend.

  • Estimate the distance to drive. How far will you need to travel, will you need to turn anywhere?
  • Run your program to test if your estimates were correct. If not, change your program until the Finch gets close.
  • Once the Finch is done driving, it should display the message.


Required Lessons: Sensor Overview, Boolean Data

Have the Finch drive to your friend using move and turn blocks. Once the Finch arrives at your friend, your friend should press a button or put the Finch in a beak down orientation to display the message.

ADVANCED: Going Further

Required Lessons: Control Structures & Line Tracking

Have your Finch follow a line to get to your friend. The Finch should stop when your friend places an obstacle in front of the robot. Display the message once your friend picks up the Finch and places it in a beak down orientation.