Dance Party

Have the Finch perform a dance sequence to a song using motors and LEDs.

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BEGINNER: Outputs Only

Required Lessons: Moving & Turning, Controlling Wheels, LEDs, Buzzer & Sound (Extension 1), Using Multiple Finches (Extension 2)

This project is a chance for you to exercise your creativity!

  • Choose a piece of music that is at least 20 seconds long (you can use part of a longer piece).
  • Use your imagination as you make your Finch dance to the music! Use short moves and turns that match the rhythm of the music.
  • Change the beak and tail colors on beat as well. 

Extension 1: Have the Finch play along to the music using the Finch buzzer blocks and rest blocks.

Extension 2: Work in a group to make multiple Finch robots dance together to the music of your choice.


    Check out this excellent rubric for a Finch dance party by Wendy Steiner of Carlynton High School. 


    • Students can recreate songs they know, or write new music themselves.
    • Write/choreograph a song and dance for yourself and Finch to perform together as partners. Try making matching costumes for Finch (and yourself!).
    • Dress up your Finch to match the song you’ve selected.
    • Dress your whole Finch crew up in different costumes for a masquerade ball. This would be perfect for Halloween!