Finch Jousting

Have your Finch participate in a medieval game of accuracy and skill!


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BEGINNER: Outputs Only

Required Lessons: Moving & Turning

Your goal is to knock a ping pong ball off of an upside paper cup. To do this you will need to engineer a jousting stick and attach it to your Finch.

Once your Finch can knock the ball off the cup, place it about 60 cm (2 feet) back and 30 cm (1 feet) over from the target. Write a program that reliably knocks the ball off the cup.


Required Lessons: Tablet Control (BirdBlox only)

Engineer a jousting stick and attach it to your Finch. Lightly tape a ping pong ball to the top of your Finch.

Create a program that uses the tablet’s accelerometer to remotely control your Finch. Try to knock off other people’s ping pong balls while protecting your own. Last one standing wins!


Suggested Jousting Stick Crafts: masking tape, bendy straws, pipe cleaners, plastic cutlery, craft sticks.


Study jousting and other medieval tournament games to learn about the origins of this sport.