Emotional Finch

Show the Finch’s emotional state!

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Show the Finch’s emotional state by displaying an emoji on the micro:bit LED screen and combining it with beak and tail LED colors that fit the emoji.

BEGINNER: Outputs Only

Required Lessons: LED Screen and LEDs

MakeCode: Program the Finch to display a single emotion when the program starts up.

Snap!, BirdBlox: Create two or more emotions as separate scripts. Activate each script by clicking or tapping on them.


Required Lessons: Sensor Overview, Boolean Data

Tilt the Finch to initiate different emotions.

ADVANCED: Going Further

Required Lessons: Randomness, Variables

The Finch is feeling moody: Randomly select one of four emotions to display every time you press a button.


  • This activity could be informed by such topics as color psychology, non-verbal communication, facial expressions, human-centered design, and more.
  • Strengthen both social-emotional and programming skills with our customizable Exploring Feelings with Finch worksheet.